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A travel stroller roomy enough for a 4yo but with a seat reclining enough for a 6mo

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Linda • 13 Aug 2023

Dear Eli,

Now that the world has opened back up: which stroller do we pick for traveling?

We are looking for something:
• lightweight, easy to carry up and down stairs (for Venice bridges)
• which folds down quick and small(ish) to fit into small rental car trunks (or continental long distance trains with steps to board) and doesn't take up too much space in a small hotel room
• that can take at least 22kg to fit our 4 year old for naps and has a long backrest (as 4 year old is in 6 year shirts/EU size 116) - we definitely need something with more than the standard 46cm backrest
• but also has a back rest that lies down flat(ish) for our 6 months old to sleep in comfortably (baby has now started sitting up).

If it fits hand luggage requirements, fine. If it doesn't by an inch or two I dont't mind (gate) checking it (in which case it would be great if you could recommend a suitable transport bag).

I like the Bugaboo Butterfly or Joolz Aer but find them a bit on the pricey side for something that gets used 8 weeks of the year max (same goes for the Yoyo). Looked at the Uppababy Minu and the Easywalker Jackey but think the backrest is too short (same problem with the Ergobaby Metro+). Liked the ABC Avus but found it a bit heavy (and it has larger folding dimensions than I like).

Thanks for your help!

Eli • 13 Aug 2023

Hey, Linda,

I'm afraid you don't have that many options. The Butterfly and the Aer have the only actual tall backrests, like, higher than 46cm you asked for, on the market. Realistically, I think the Aer Plus is your best option size- and space-wise, and I know no other travel stroller that would be this sturdy as well as spacious. I mean, do look at the Kinderkrft Nubi 2 from the budget option - it has a nice sized seat and also wider, but it will be, qualitatively, somewhere else, but maybe it's worth checking.

Apart from that, you will have to think of strollers the size of the Avus, pretty much - the Baby Jogger City Mini2 would be my best suggestion as it is spacious, folds very flat, and is easy to use overall.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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