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A travel stroller for tall parents and a tall 8mo

Elisabeth • 21 Mar 2023

Help please! I need a travel stroller for our 8 month old and totally lost!

We go on long walks when we travel so need something comfortable, robust and ideally able to deal with cobbled streets and country paths. We are also very tall as a family - I am 180cm and my husband is 196cm. Our baby is over the 100percentile for height!

Can we find what we are looking for in a stroller that can fold to go in the overhead locker for flights? Or are we better with a slightly bigger stroller that fits neatly into car, train etc. and Jjst face the inconvenience at the airport (a relatively small part of our travel). We’ve not flown yet with our baby so conscious I may regret not being about to take the buggy into the cabin!

We’re based in Switzerland (so lots of holidays by train and car) but fly to see family in the U.K. often. Could get a buggy that’s available in either of those geographies.

We’re looking at the Easywalker Jackey as we love the Harvey - but have read mixed reviews and wonder if it is a halfway house that is neither definitely able to go in the airplane cabin nor fully robust for all-terrain holidays.

Help would be much appreciated!! Thank you :)

Eli • 21 Mar 2023

Heya, Elisabeth,

The bad news is that no ultra-compact travel stroller will be comfortable on cobblestones. It is made so small, meaning also small wheels, thinner frame, and so on just to fit that size. So you will have to count on that disadvantage. I personally, especially with your height, would definitely go for a larger stroller and not go for a travel size.

That being said, if you really feel you would benefit from such a small buggy, go for either the sturdier Easywalker Metro+ with its chunkier wheels and an adjustable handle (not much, but it could help), OR the high-backrest Joolz Aer which doesn't lie flat but has more space for your tall baby. The Miley, I believe, would be small too soon, and also is quite slanted.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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