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A travel stroller for our upcoming holiday with our eight-month-old, up to £100 but could go up to £150

Becca • 16 Apr 2023

Hi Eli,

After some recommendations please for a travel stroller for our upcoming holiday with our eight-month-old. We are on a budget so ideally up to £100 but could go up to £150.

After a stroller that reclines flat if possible as baby will be napping in it, easy to fold and a large canopy/hood with sun protection. Doesn't need to be able to go in cabin of the plane so we don't mind if its an umbrella fold or more compact - the lighter the better but price point and other factors mentioned more important.

Thanks so much!

Eli • 17 Apr 2023

Hey, Becca,

Apart from pre-owned models, there are very few under 100 models that I would actually recommend. YOu need to take into account they will ve VERY simple, possibly looser / ratlly, especially with these small strollers the price truly shows in the quality and craftsmanship. Also, it will always have less features - large hook, good recline, all that in a good practical design means a bit higher price.

I would probably look at Kinderkraft strollers with this budget, the Grande (larger model, larger hood) is rather nice for everyday use for the price, and they also have the Nubi or Indy in the travel-sized ones (these won't have a too large hood).

The Britax Agile M seems to be at a very nice price somaybe that could work for your too. The cheap Hauck Swift X I personally wouldn't go for, I don't like the quality. ANd if the umbrella type is ok with you, maybe, maybeee the Chicco Echo could work for you in a way (with some kind of universal sun shade).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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