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A travel stroller for a tall toddler

Lpw28 • 21 Aug 2022

Looking for the best stroller for a tall toddler. Preferably one that can be taken on a flight in the cabin storage. I love the look of the Bugaboo Butterfly but is there a cheaper long backed alternative?!

Eli • 21 Aug 2022

Hi there,

Actually, there is no tall-back alternative to the Bugaboo Butterfly except the Joolz Aer, which is also not a budget-friendly stroller. Maybe, just maybe, also the Recaro Lexa could work as it does have a taller seatback and enough space to the top of the hood, though you have to check on the availability of that one.

Overall, do expect less comfort and space with these small buggies overall, especially with a tall toddler. Saving money here will only result in even less space and a worse pushing comfort. Try and think about the Aer second-hand, perhaps, if needing to save money.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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