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A travel stroller for a 7 months old - Joolz Aer, Ergobaby Metro, Chicco Goody..?

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Angela • 20 Jul 2022


Thank you for such a great website! I have a larger travel system for regular car use but I hope you might be able to help me find a very compact folding stroller suitable for weekly trips to the city on public transport - where it would be on mostly smoother surfaces but also have to deal with some curbs. Plus I'd also like to use it occasionally on holidays - so then it might need to be able to tackle some rougher surfaces like grass, gravel, cobbles etc. if possible.

My baby is now seven months old and I think I'd prefer a more upright seat as she gets older - I read in your guide this isn't common on compact strollers! But this would need to be balanced out by a sturdier build, better wheels, suspension etc for the occasional rougher surfaces. I understand I will likely have to compromise and won't get all these things in a smaller stroller!

Based on some of your answers to other peoples questions, I was considering the Joolz Aer. But would it really fulfill my criteria better than the cheaper Ergobaby Metro Plus or even the seemingly bargain-price Chicco Goody?

Thanks for your help.

Eli • 21 Jul 2022

Hey, Angela,

The cobbles etc., of course, will be a strain to any stroller, especially a compact one. Apart from that, yeah, this can be done, and I actually was also thinking about the Joolz Aer you mention you bumped in, too. Well, from the seat size and angle, you really get a good stroller, and it even has a rather nice suspension, so if your budget allows it, I would really recommend that.

The Ergobaby Metro will work as well, and is reasonably strudily built, yes! But - it is rattlier, so the ride will be a bit less smooth. Otherwise, it is a good alternative if you want something comfy for the baby especially (loads of padding!).

The Chicco Goody is definitely cheaper made, especially in the canopy area, you can feel it (the fabric is thinner, cheaper), and the seat is definitely shorter (so less suitable for naps of a tall toddler) - but the wheels are larger and ride nice. For that price, I think it's great, so if really just occasional use, you'll be happy with this, too, I believe - but if you search for longevity and quality, the above-mentioned would be my preference.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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