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A travel stroller for a 6 months old - the Chicco Goody Plus vs. the Kinderkraft Nubi

Hannah • 19 Feb 2023


We are looking for a stroller to take on holiday, our little girl will be 6 months when we go. We have a pram which we use daily so don't want to pay a lot for this.

We want a stroller that can recline fully flat, lightweight, and also be cabin approved. We have been to local stores and found the Chicco Goody Plus and Kinderkraft NUBI are the best for us.

Which one would you recommend most out of these two strollers?

Thank you.

Eli • 19 Feb 2023

Hey, Hannah,

Bith of your two options have good stuff and weaker stuff about them, of course, especially so with more budget-friendly models. I personally would probably go for the Chicco Goody Plus just because I think the wheels are better, larger and more comfortable for a bit more unevenness, compared to the Nubi. I, however, think the Nubi has that T-style belly bar which kids often like a lot, and for smaller babies it is a practical thing that makes the security a bit higher, as well as a better position in the seat more comfortable (the little ones won't slip too much with it in place). Also, the Nubi is a tad smaller, so a little easier to fit the airline cabin luggage requirements.

I would probably ask myself this: do you need to use it just very occasionally, and on smooth surfaces? If so, the Nubi is the easier choice. But if you mean to use it more on the holiday, also on bumpier roads, more time during the day, I would probably go for the comfort of the larger wheels.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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