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A travel stroller for a 4.5yo, good for cobblestones

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Hayley • 28 Jul 2023


I am looking for a travel stroller to be mainly used in Europe for around 2 months of the year, and averaging 10 flights.

It needs to work on cobbled pavements and have a weight capacity of 22kg minimum as my daughter is over 98 percentile for both height and weight at 4 and a half months old. It needs to have a lie flat position available and ideally a bumper bar if possible. Our apartment is up 3 sets of stairs too.

Thanks, Hayley

Eli • 28 Jul 2023

Hey, Hayley,

The weight capacity is by far not a good number to follow. Many travel strollers I know claim 22kg, but I saw and tried, and they would never comfortably fit a 22kg child. The kid will just be squeezed in there, with his or her head bumping into the hood. So you don't really look at that number – rather at the quality and the seat space / backrest length.

For a travel stroller that is cabin-approved (or close to it), you also cannot expect any nice ride over cobblestones. It just isn't possible, the smaller wheels and small frame will never be that sturdy at that size. So that you need to count on and accept as the payment for the size.

My best suggestion for you is the Joolz Aer+, which has simply one of the tallest seatbacks and is one of the few that your daughter might be fitting in. It's also rather well-made and can handle a bit. Another option, but not as sturdy, is the Bugaboo Butterfly, which has a nice tall backrest but no bumper bar option and a but looser frame.

I don't have much more. Maybe look at the Recaro Lexa (not the Elite) and the Emmaljunga Kite (that one because of the wheel options), but I don't think these will fit as well.

Or consider a larger model which you will check in, the sturdiest and roomy enough would be the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 or the City Mini2.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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