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A travel/public transport stroller up to 22 kg with larger wheels and suspension


Hello Elli,

First of all congrats for ur great column.

I want to buy a stroller with budget no more than 130 euros. We live on a Greek island, out of town and the terrain is a bit abnormal. Our son is 16 months 81 cms tall and 13 kilos.

We have already a Nuna Mixx trio but we want a second stroller just when we go to the beach, out for dinner, for travelling by boat, and for our boy until 4 years old for small siestas (we are expecting a second child in 8 months). We need the new stroller to handle no less than 22 kilos. I like the Joie Nitro LX, the Chicco Echo, Hauck Sprint S.

I want the best possible suspension on 4 wheels, the biggest dimensions possible, the biggest wheels possible and to be durable.

I am looking forward to ur suggestions.
Thank in advance.

Eli • 10 Jun 2022

Hi Valentina,

I must start with stating the fact that an umbrella style of a stroller will definitely not be great on non-normal, bumpy terrain, as they are fragile and rattly, and their frame tends to get loose on worse surfaces over time. If you really want a large, spacious, strong umbrella buggy, my choice would definitely be the Maclaren Techno XLR which is one of the largest and sturdiest of its type.

My suggestion here would rather be a stronger forward-facing pushchair, slightly larger than an umbrella buggy but still nicely foldable - with a flat fold in half. From the Joie Litetrax Air through Kinderkraft Grande, ABC Design Avus, Gesslein S4 (great suspension there), TFK Dot 2 to Valco Snap Sport, something like that...

And from the smaller uggies, also check the Uppababy Minu.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.