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A travel-dedicated stroller that's not too expensive & can accommodate a 15kg toddler

Big G • 28 Aug 2021

Looking for a stroller solely for travel (So not too expensive), but large enough to accommodate a toddler of 15kg or over and quite tall. We have a Cosatto Woosh XL, which is too small, having a backrest height around 44cm. His neck is around this height and his head tips backwards. Its also got quite a laid back angle, where he prefers to be more upright.

Eli • 28 Aug 2021

Hey, Big G 😊

I get what you mean by wanting an upright stroller as a travel stroller but this is almost impossible. Those with tall seatbacks are also veeery rare and usually on the expensive side. I will firstly suggest reading this top 2021 travel ultracompacts guide to inspire yourself and see what's out there...

And then I'll tell you there's no perfect affordable model (nor an expensive one, to be honest, even though the Chicco Goody, prehaps, even if, of course, not absolutely upright, seat-wise, and also not the talles backrest length either... But we are testing it at the moment and my 20+ kg son of 103 cm fits inside. A Cybex Eezy S2 also makes sense, space-wise. A pre-loved Joolz Aer would be my choice if a tall seat back would be my stroller priority while choosing a stroller...

Hope I helped! Good luck 😊

Your -very berry- Eli.

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