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A travel buggy not made in China - is there such?

Aubrey Shenk • 01 Mar 2022

I am looking for a travel stroller for my 6 month old daughter (mostly for airport travel), and I am finding it very difficult to find any strollers not made in China! Can you recommend any good travel strollers (light weight, easily folded, small enough to carry on is ideal) that are manufactured outside of China?

Eli • 01 Mar 2022

Hi, Aubrey,

I will start with 'most ultracompact strollers are actually made in China.' Truly, pretty much all of these small buggies are made there as, I believe, they have the best technologies and the largest factories to do that. Even brands that are making their main lines somewhere else (e.g., Hartan in Germany), have their smaller size pushchairs made in China... That is the bad news.

The good news here is that the quality is not always reflecting that - mostly, the better brands have very high-quality requirements and checks that even if the factory is based in China, the materials and technologies are European. Also, there are brands owning the whole factories with their own technologies and rules (e.g., Bugaboo) so even a Chinese-made Bugaboos are actually better in quality than most.

One of the travel ultracompacts I believe is not made in China is the Peg-Pérego Selfie, as Peg-Pérego claims to make their strollers in Italy. So that should be at least one candidate.

Evenflo is a brand also boasting US manufacture, so their Otto should be not China-made (this seems questionable to me a bit. The same goes for Safety 1st and their Teeny, presumably US made.

The last thing I'll say here - there's not much. But there are other factors to consider - e.g., environmental responsibility of brands made in China, too. Like Joolz that plants their forests - a tree with every stroller sold (so a Joolz Aer is also a nice option). And you can also check some local small brands, depending on where you live, but I am pretty sure they won't be making ultracompacts. If something, usually full-sized prams...

Your -very berry- Eli.

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