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A three-wheeled stroller for terrain and an 18mo

Hannah • 04 Aug 2022


I am looking for a stroller for an 18 months old suitable for walks on mountains and bumpy roads. What is better - the Hauck Runner Tricycle Jogger Buggy or Hauck Rapid 3 148501 Caviar Black?

I would appreciate your advice.

Thank you!

Eli • 04 Aug 2022

HI, Hannah,

I think the two names are the same model, perhaps an older and a newer version, but on Amazon on eBay, the same three-wheeler is named differently like this. The stroller itself is... well, it mirrors the price - cheap in terms of materials, overs, plastics. It will do but the suspension is weak and the whole is just not awesome. You will be OK with the Hauck Rapid 3 if you don't mind the abovementioned negatives and are not too demanding.

Other than that, I personally would definitely rather go for a higher quality three-wheeler, such as Baby Jogger, Thule, Mountain Buggy - even if pre-owned, bought second-hand. They offer a much better push, a better seating area, a more comfy, protective fabric and canopies, and an overall better performance. Not even talking about the fact that they will sell MUCH better after you're done with them.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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