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A terrain capable, urban-compact enough three wheeler for first-time parents. Thule Urban Glide 2?

Kristoff • 19 Dec 2021

Hi Eli! My wife and I are expecting our first little wonder in April '22. Currently, still, some things are needed, like a stroller...

We are looking for a stroller that can be used in the city and outdoors, like in a forest or the beach. A wooden twig should not stop it from moving ;-). We have an active lifestyle with a lot of outdoor walking.

The budget is less important. It would be great if it is possible to click the car seat on the frame and the possibility to fold the stroller as compact as possible - our car is not that big :). The current model we have in mind is the Thule Urban Glide 2, but of course, we are open to suggestions. The most important reason why we are liking this stroller is because of the 3 wheels. This looks a lot more convenient for uneven terrains - it keeps much more contact with the ground than a 4-wheeled stroller (that is what is told to us :)).

Looking forward to your help! Kind regards,
Kristoff and Ellen

Eli • 20 Dec 2021

Hi, guys,

Well, you were told right, a three-wheeler with a larger front wheel is a breeze to manipulate on uneven, bumpy terrain, at least compared to a four-wheeler that has smaller front wheels almost always ;-) The Thule Urban Glide 2 is most certainly a very nice option, mainly as it's not too heavy as well as very maneuverable. For not overly hard terrain or everyday mountain strolls, it will make you happy, I believe. The one negative you'll find as first-time parents here would be the non-reversible seat, though, as right from the bassinet, the baby will pass into the MUCH larger world-facing-only seat. This is not a bad thing, just not the preferred way with many parents - first-timers even more so.

If the price doesn't matter, a very nice model to consider in a very similar functionality to the one of Thule would be the Mountain Buggy Terrain V3, which is also great AND offers a convertible bassinet that can be used as a reversible seat. This is also offered by the EXCELLENT but heavier TFK Mono, which I would also suggest looking at as this is one incredibly sturdy model really good even for bad terrain (even better at that than the Thule]].

I hope I have helped! You made a good choice, and there are about two similarly good options out there to check as well. From the four-wheelers, I would only think about the Britax Go Big2 but this model is not sold much anywhere, which is a shame, and also, it is not the smallest out there. Good to know that one as well, just in case ;-)

I wish you all the best and a merry Christmas to come! Stay healthy and safe <3

Your -very berry- Eli.

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