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A tall toddler & a lightweight stroller around £100

Caroline • 10 Sep 2021

Hi Eli,

I hope you are well.

I’d like some advice on a stroller for a tall 3/4 year old (well over a metre and 14.4kg) So looking for a high back rest and one that easily reclines into a nap position, a good sun canopy, lightweight (folds up small) isn’t too expensive (around £100) just to be used in city/zoo not really rough terrain.

My friend has a Joie Nitro which would have been perfect but my daughters head was above the back rest by about an inch so didn’t look comfortable. Also, the sun canopy wasn’t that good….although we are coming into the winter months now!

Best wishes

Eli • 10 Sep 2021

Hi, Caroline,

You have quite a few tough requirements and quite a low price tag set up. This is rather hard.

I first thought of a Kinderkraft Grande LX with this stroller budget. It is, in any case, quite a cheap stroller so you have to take the quality-reflects-in-the-price factor into consideration, but it is roomy so should be fine for your purposes. You can't really go smaller as the space won't be enough for your little one then.

Here are also some Kinderkraft stroller alternatives to think about. A Hauck Rapid 4 should also be ok, space-wise, but here, I feel the quality is even weaker over time.

I would also think of some higher-quality & roomy brands like Baby Jogger and buy such stroller pre-loved, this feels like an economic while a functional decision to me, and a better pushchair will simply be nicer to use, believe me).

And do remember not thinking about the ultracompact strollers as they're simply too small and fragile for such a larger toddler. He or she won't be comfortable in such a small space - these buggies are made to be small first, you know.
If absolutely necessary, maybe check the Chicco Goody, but the backrest is not overly long... there's just more space to the canopy. I attach a picture of my son in the Goody, he's 4 years old and 15kg+.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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