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A tall-seatback stroller for a taller son who outgrew his Joie Versatrax

Eiermann • 15 Jul 2023


we currently use a Joie Versatrax and it's getting a bit tight at the head area (backrest length). We are looking for a new stroller with the priority on maximum backrest length. We are both quite tall, and our son is also on the taller side and growing.

What is your recommendation for a long backrest stroller?

Thanks :)

Eli • 15 Jul 2023

Hey, Eiermann,

It is not all about the backrest length - realityis that the width and shape of the seat ANF the position of the canopy are often much more important. The Versatrax, as a reversible, has a narrower seat and a hood right above it, so the space, as with all reversible, even with taller backrests, is very limited and usually lasts for those 2 years of age.

I would definitely recommend a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 or the City Elite 2 as superbly spacious strollers. Also, the Britax B-Motion Plus and the Valco Trend are very very roomy and will last you well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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