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A tall seatback pushchair for a 6-month-old who is on a high centile for weight and height

Danielle89 • 18 Aug 2022


I’m looking for a stroller for my almost 6-month-old who is on a high centile for weight and height. A reversible seat would be a bonus but mostly looking for a stroller with an easy flat fold and not too heavy. For every day use and under £300 in the UK. I do like the Kinderkraft Grande Plus but it doesn’t have UV protection in the hood. Something with a good size back rest would be great.

Thank you

Eli • 19 Aug 2022

Heya, Danielle,

From the point of longevity and push, something like a Baby Jogger City Mini GT, even if pre-owned, would probably be the best. From a bit more budget-friendly new ones, I would probably think about the ABC Design Avus, a Valco Baby Trend, or perhaps a gesslein-s4-air|Gesslein S4 Air]].

Especially with a larger child, you'll need a lot of seat space, so I would definitely not go for a reversible seater - it will last you much less, and I personally would rather go for a second-hand good brand than a cheaper one, as you will feel the price everywhere including the push.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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