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A tall husband, a heavy Kiddy car seat, and a 6mo child in the city: what longlasting stroller is preferable (Cybex Balios S, MC Lila...)?

Beni and Barb • 07 Sep 2021

Hi Eli,

With my husband, who is quite tall, looking for a stroller for our child (6 months).

We would like to buy something which lasts long, and it's good in an urban environment. Good maneuverability is important.

We have a Kiddy Evoluna isize baby car seat which is really heavy and I would like to buy an adapter also.

Can you help us? Can Cybex Balios S or Maxi Cosi Lila be a good solution for us?

Thank you in advance.

Eli • 07 Sep 2021

Hello, Beni and Barb!

The first thing I would say here is that if you search for something that will last you as long as it can, a reversible-seat stroller will simply last you a shorter time (pretty much always). This is given by the reversibility and thus a narrower seat with a shorter surface - and also the weight that's simply going to be higher (and a bulkier fold) because of the added features.

From your choice, I would most certainly prefer the Cybex Balios S because it's simply less cumbersome. The Maxi-Cosi Lila is much bulkier folded and overall a larger pushchair, so I wouldn't actually go for this one with what you're describing as your stroller priorities.

However, I would probably go even smaller in your case - the Balios is not bad, just not the smallest nor the softest either. Perhaps something like a Moon ReSea S, Muuvo Quick 3.0 would also make you happy price-wise if they're available around you AND you will take into account that the reversibility will make the model usable about 2 years of age, usually not much longer. Then, you'll most probably pass to a lighter buggy (e.g., an Oyster Zero would actually be usable even now and also with the Kiddy Evoluna capsule if you get Maxi-Cosi/Cybex/ style adapters with it).

My next advice would be the small Cybex Mios, the push of it is really nice we even on uneven roads - the frame of this stroller is rather well made, better than even the Priam's in my experience.

And the last I would recommend is truly to check non-reversible, lightweight strollers with car seat adapters possibility - there's quite a few of them to consider and would last you longer (up till the end, if you pick right) - look at ABC Design Okini, Uppbaby Minu etc...

Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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