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A tall backrest pushchair with larger wheels

Anne K. • 01 Sep 2022

Greetings from Finland!

I love this site, so thank you for keeping this!

Do you have any filter-options for searching strollers with seat with high backrest?

Our son is 1,5 years old with 47cm sitting height (is that even a word? But the measure when sitting from chair to crown of head)?

And because of living in Finland and snow in winter-season, bigger tires would be best option.

Do you have any stroller in mind with a seat that would be suitable for taller child?

Thanks :)

Eli • 01 Sep 2022

Hiya, Anne,

I am sorry to say no filters, it was/still is a very complicated programming solution and we did not get to that as we only do this in our free time while having full-time daily jobs during the day.

I will try to name a few, though I miss a bit more information here - I get the high backrest and larger tires for snow, though a budget, more needs (like a reversible seat - hopefully, it is not a must..?) and car boot size could help here.

Without those, I will name what I personally would get without thinking too much about the money or some extreme restrictions. Actually one of the first choices for me would be a Baby Jogger City Elite 2 as it has a tall backrest, a spacious seat, larger wheels - the only more all-terrain wheels from the same brand would be the Baby Jogger Summit X3 which also is worth thinking about.

I would also mention the Britax B-Motion Plus, the Valco Baby Trend SPORT with the inflatable wheels, the Mountain Buggy Terrain V3, the Uppababy Ridge - mostly three-wheeler, I know, but the room and the push are really one of the best.

Write me if still in doubt or have more questions ^_^ And one last thing - yes, the backrest is important, but even more important is the overall design of the seat and the room to the top of the canopy (that is why many reversible pushchairs are not as spacious even with a 49 cm backrest, the hood is right above that). Trying, even second-hand strollers are worth going to check and try for yourself - is an important thing as in theory, it should be ok, and in reality, the pushchair might not fit you (like the Britax's, they are quite slanted and some kids or moms mind that).

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.