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A suitable carry-on buggy for an average three years old that will last

MumbleBee • 13 Jan 2023

Our daughter is a few months away from turning 3. She's about 30 lbs, and is probably about 3 feet tall, so average-sized.

We're taking a plane trip soon, and want a compact stroller to avoid checked luggage. Our airline says a folded/collapsed carry-on stroller can't exceed 25.5 cm (10 in) in diameter and 92 cm (36 in) in length.

Ideally, we'd like something that she won't outgrow too quickly and will last a couple more years for future trips by plane, car, or when I need to check the stroller at the kids museum.

I was looking at the Ergobaby Metro+ as a contender, but I'm worried she'll be too big for it. The Uppababy Minu is more expensive than I'd like, and is a bit bigger than the carry-on requirement, but seems like it would last us longer. Mountain Buggy Nano also seems nice but also is a bit too big for carry-on and risks being outgrown. Any other strollers I should consider?? We are in Canada.

Eli • 14 Jan 2023

Hey there,

I personally would definitely look at the Joolz Aer here. I mean, yeah, it is not cheap, however the taller-seatback-than-most and the quality build means it will last you longer. Also worth checking a used one, in my opinion, to save some money.

Also a tall seatback-ed one would be the Bugaboo Butterfly however that is also expensive, I know. The Metro+ could work, I think, as there is plenty space up to the canopy, however you cannot expect too much space as the backrest is rather average. And overall, do count in these carry-on-sized buggies to be narrower and less roomy overall, they are meant for mostly occasional use and are made as small as it gets.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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