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A sturdy stroller with an upright seat and a large basket

Bien • 08 Apr 2023

I am looking for a sturdy stroller with an upright seat and a big basket. I have a BJ City Mini GT2 and the seat is very slanted...

I also have a Cybex Mios which is better from the seating position, but the basket is too small. What would you recommend? Would the Thule Shine suit us better?

Eli • 08 Apr 2023

Hey, Bien,

The Mios is the more upright model here because it is reversible. The Shine will be very comparable to the BJCMGT2, honestly - maybe a slight change, but truly just slight. Check, perhaps, the Joie Versatax which has a huge basket and is quite upright. Similarly, the [[cybex-talos-s-lux|Cybex Talos is an upright model with a reversible seat and a large enough (not huge) basket.

The ABC Design Avus is more upright than the City Mini GT2, also worth checking. The Valco Snap is also a rather nice model in that aspect. And I will also mention Peg-Pérego strollers as they are also on the more upright side (except for ultra-compacts like the Selfie).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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