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A sturdy, spacious travel stroller for the overhead compartment and a 4yo

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eli & vii
Imee • 17 Sep 2023

I'm travelling and I need a light stroller with one hand fold that can fit in overhead compartment, easy to carry/pull when folded, big basket, sturdy as I'm using it for a 4 year old boy, wide seat and big hood. Is there anything with the specifications pls? Thanks!

Eli • 18 Sep 2023

Hey, Imee,

First, if it should be a cabin-sized stroller, you simply cannot expect a large basket. Physically, it is not possible, I mean - when one makes the stroller so small, where would that large basket go? So keep that in mind when picking the priorities.

Sturdiness and roominess are also VERY hard to get with such small strollers. You will need to pay for quality to get at least kind of sturdy model of that size, and a 4yo will always be a bit big for these smallest-possible models.

my best bet would be the Joolz Aer which has a tall backrest and is well made, meaning it will be sturdier than others. The Bugaboo Butterfly is also a tall-backtrest voice, a bit less sturdy in my opinion, but nice enough. Look at the Emmaljunga Kite for a sturdier frame, too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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