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A sturdy, roomy, easy folding, upright stroller for a tall toddler

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Sunseeeker • 06 Nov 2023

Hi Ellie,

I am looking to sell our Oyster 3 pram and replace it with a stroller to use for day-to-day and also to travel. The stroller normally goes in the plane hold. We currently have the cheap Joie Nitro stroller for abroad trips however my son is 13kgs already and in the 99% percentile for height.

I am looking at strollers and a lot of them seem very flimsy. I am looking for a stroller that is solidly built, one which isn't too heavy, has decent sized wheels, folds down easily, and which is quite comfortable for him-he likes to sit fully upright most of the time. An adjustable height on the handle would be good, too, as his dad is 6'5!

The budget is flexible as I am hoping he will have this until he no longer needs a stroller.
Many thanks Hanna

Eli • 06 Nov 2023

Hey, Hanna,

I would watch out needing something lighter and spacious and sturdy and also with an easy fold all the while also asking for an upright seat. The strollers usually have one or the other, for ex. the seat is usually more upright on reversible = less roomy models, and those are also on the heavier side. I think you need something like the [[baby-jogger-city-mini-gt2|Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 but that is not completely upright, though it has most of what you were asking for - and it will really last you well. So maybe try it out in a store to be sure about the fit and seat.

Apart from that, I will also mention the Valco Trend which has a lot of space is not that slanted, the Peg-Perego Booklet with a bit more upright seat, and the Mamas&Papas Armadillo XT which is also on the more upright side (not completely upright, though) and has plenty of space, but there's no bumper bar.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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