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A sturdy all-terrain stroller under £300 that is compact

Sindy • 25 Jan 2023

There is too much choice and it's driving me crazy. I need someone to just give me 1 option.

- sturdy and suitable for all terrains (we live in the Scottish Highlands)
- compact fold
- suitable up to a high weight and height
- wheels need to be reliable, not get punctured easily or fail on me in the middle of a hike
- large basket
- below £300

Eli • 25 Jan 2023

Hi, Sindy,

If you need all-terrain and reliable, it will not be compact, really. OR it will be more expensive. My best suggestion - a quality one - would be a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 or the larger Baby Jogger City Elite, and while they are more expensive, you can get them on sale (with a bit of luck and googling) OR pre-owned. The quality will be worth it, and these are the more compact of the lot.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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