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A stroller under 300€ for longer walks & holidays with the longest backrest possible - for a 110cm 2yo, needs to fit a VW Golf

Anna • 12 Jul 2023

Hi there,

My child is 3yo and already 110cm tall. We need a stroller for longer walks and holidays with the longest backrest possible.

A super compact folded size is not the proirity here, as long as I get it into a VW Golf-sized car, I'm fine.

Budget would be 300€ max, below is welcome ;)

Do you have any Tips?

Thank you,

Eli • 12 Jul 2023

Hey, Anna,

It's not just about the backrest; there should also be enough space to the top of the canopy to fit a tall child in a lasting way. I think the TFK Dot 2 with 48cm seatback could work, it is durable and goes over terrain as well. The Valco Trend is light and incredibly spacious and could actually be your best bet - the fold is a bit larger. However, it should fit a VW Golf. You may look for a pre-owned, too, if it's more expensive where you live.

A Kinderkraft Grande is spacious and budget-friendly, though the quality is lower and also the fold is not the smallest but should fit your car boot too.

From the smaller, travel buggies, maybe a Recaro Lexa or the Kinderkraft Nubi could work, but these ultra-compacts will definitely be less roomy.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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