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A stroller to "live" in all day, on bumpy terrain, and with a large load in the basket

Dea • 08 May 2022

Dear Eli,

First, I just have to say how pleasantly surprised I was to find your website! Truly awesome and extremely helpful!

I am a mother of two (a 3 year old super active boy and a 4 month old baby girl) who is out and about all day long on bumpy terrain (bad sidewalks, many road crossings, and even off road and grass). We love adventures and outdoors so we are practically on every kind of terrain. We also do shopping on our way home so we got all of that into the stroller as well. I could say we practically live in the stroller :) because we are out so much and have all the things we need with us (picnic blanket, toys, balls, rain covers, a change of clothing, food, diapers, shopping and so on) I would be very grateful if you could answer this question:

What stroller would you recommend for us? A stroller for bumpy rides, one that has very good suspensions so that it doesn’t rattle over rough terrain and can be easily pushed up onto sidewalks with one hand? (The suspension has to be soft enough to allow me to easily push on the handle with one hand in order to lift the front wheels to go up the sidewalk).

The only other features important to us are a large storage area and that the seat is fully reclining so that I can have my 4 month old baby sleeping in it. Another option is, of course, to have a two piece stroller with a baby bassinet that I will then change to the seat when she can sit up (or even a sibling stroller). It would also be great if it folds so I can pop it into the car when we use it.

Thank you so much,
Andrea Antypas
(Expat mom in Budapest)

Eli • 08 May 2022

Heya, Dea,

The first stroller I thought of was a discontinued one, actually, and it was the Britax Go Big2 - "one-hand" push, super large seat, bassinet option, beautiful suspension, and a huge basket would absolutely delight you even if the pram is a bit heavy (you don't feel it at all while pushing). I would, therefore, suggest checking classifieds and pre-owned strollers, too, as I believe this one would make you very very happy. You wouldn't perhaps need the carrycot even, I would rather go for the insert carrycot here and not need to click off the seat.

The next suggestion would be a Concord Wanderer / Concord Camino for the nice seat size and every nice wheels with suspension. Then, I wouldn't want to forget to mention the Baby Jogger City Premier even if also a discontinued model, but rather high quality and practical one at that.

I also think that the more budget-friendly Joie Versatrax / Joie Finiti which boast an awesome basket size and the seat is quite nice and upright.

Lastly, I would also say a non-reversible seater would be a better push, more roomy solution, the more so if it accepts a bassinet. A Thule Urban Glide 2, a Baby Jogger City Elite 2, a Uppababy Ridge are truly cool at every day, all-day use, so that is why I would also suggest such a do-it-all three-wheeler.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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