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A stroller to carry up steep stairs that sits upright. What to get for a 1yo and under 150 GBP?

Rhianna • 20 Jun 2021

Hello Eli,

Thanks for creating this website, it's really helpful. I was wondering if you could help me find a stroller. The one I currently have is the Joie Pact Flex Signature. I bought this stroller due to its lightweight and one-handed fold mechanisms, as I'm mainly on my own with my little one - and live in a top-floor flat. Steep steps!

She is now one year old and hates the fact that it does not sit completely upright, tantrums and tears at times just to get her in the stroller - then wants to get out after a short period of time.

What I really need from a stroller is not too heavy a weight and a very upright sitting position, with the option of reclining ideally (and somewhere to store shopping) :)! My current stroller is only 6kg, which makes it a complete breeze. I understand from reading your article that if I want a completely upright stroller, this isn't really possible with these one-handed fold mechanisms.

So understandably I know I need to find something different.. from doing some googling the Bugaboo Chameleon seems to be a very upright stroller, but I just feel a bit lost, in what is best. Ideally under £150.

Eli • 21 Jun 2021

Hello Rhianna,

I get you, and I see you did some reading. It is absolutely true that upright strollers are very rarely those that are this lightweight and compact. I must, however, say that an old Bugaboo Cameleon won't make your life easier. To take that stroller up steep stairs will be rather cumbersome (the more so that your little one is already one-year-old and doesn't need a full-size pram).

I will suggest the Chicco Goody. It ha the most upright seat I saw in an ultralightweight, ultracompact pushchair, while it folds by itself (it's actually super handy if you need to carry it upstairs while holding your little one) AND, what is more, a Chicco Goody Plus is just beating released, meaning the original Goody should be available on sale (or with at least a bit of promotion). I mean, it's 139 GBP on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/chicco-Goody-Stroller-Graphite/dp/B08DG19Z9L (if into this idea, read the Chicco Goody full pushchair expert review here).

I hope I helped, I mean, nothing better really comes to mind. I tried this one and it really surprised me for that size, upright sitting position, and for this price!

If needing any more inspiration, check more of the best ultra compact strollers in our article.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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