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A stroller to be taken on a beach (that can stand sand)

Katy • 11 Apr 2022

Hi Eli,

I’m looking for a pushchair I can take to a beach. It’ll need a bit of storage but the main priority is to get it through sand.

Many thanks

Eli • 11 Apr 2022

Hi, Katy,

Sand is a problem for pretty much any pushchair, even a large-wheeled one. As the grains of sand get to the joints and wheel moving parts, it damages it, and the stroller needs to be cleaned and lubricated very regularly if used on the beach. I personally wouldn't advise taking any buggy to a beach too often - rather leaving it at the beginning or in the car.

I know it is not often possible, so I will advise a Cyex Priam or a Bugaboo Fox as there two can be pulled behind you on two wheels (two-wheel mode is possible), meaning that even on sand, where pushing anything is literally impossible, you can still pull your pushchair behind. A used model would probably be a better bet as both of these strollers are not too affordable when new.

Another thing to do is to get any simple buggy and pull it on the rear wheels, investing as little as possible not to be sorry later if the wheels get damaged over time.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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