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A stroller that will last, space as well as terrain use-wise

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Jo • 28 Oct 2022

Were looking for a stroller for longevity. Our son is only 14 months and very tall and nearly 14kg already. We have cobblestone streets in our town and travel a lot. We're looking for a buggy to be comfortable for him until no longer needed but also be robust enough to handle the roads and trails nearby. Ideal features would be large sun canopy, lay flat, decent undercarriage space, and most important comfortable seat.

Best option would also have the ability to reverse the seat but this isn't necessary. A one handed or at least easy fold is a must and would love it to be on the lighter side.

Do you have some recommendations we've been searching endlessly with no avail!

Cheers x

Eli • 28 Oct 2022

Hi, Jo,

With a larger, taller toddler and longevity in mind, I would absolutely not think about reversible strollers, as they are by default smaller in seat space, especially the space to the top of the canopy.

The best model, space and terrain capability-wise, would be the Baby Jogger City Elite 2. A huge seat and great wheels for pretty much anything. And it folds one-handedly. If a little smaller is your go-to, the City Mini GT2 is almost just as good but a bit more compact. Believe me, with these, you'll last for a longer time than other strollers.

If you'd want more brand to check and choose from, look at B.O.B. strollers or the Bumbleride brand.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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