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A stroller that can handle deeper dirt/sandy terrain/bad conditions

June • 12 Jun 2023


I am looking to get a stroller that can handle deeper dirt/sandy terrain. I do not plan to jog or run, but where we live, its lots of dirt trails that often have off-road vehicles or horses. I would like to be able to take our 1yo, almost 20lb. Looking hopefully under 500, but I know that may not be feasible. He is a ginger so sun protection is a high priority. I tend to walk for 30ish mins a day, but if I have a better stroller and more places to walk, that may change.

We have the Evenflow Pivot and I find it tiring to push but I am also out of shape. I don't know if a stroller or a stroller-wagon is better for us, we are undecided if we are going to have another child so we're open to those as well. I am 5'7", hubby is 5'11". I need to be able to push it as opposed to pulling it, and it does not have to be able to fold up super compact. Given all the brush we also have here, having 'sides'(for lack of a better word) to keep his legs in the stroller would be preferred

Eli • 12 Jun 2023

Hey, June,

Not sure about the sides - perhaps an apron, a leg cover, even if universal or made by a tailor, might solve that.

As for the rest, and by that I mean great terrain, deeper dirt and sand, that is very , very hard on any stroller. What you need to be looking at are large wheels - the larger the better, and those should be either fixed (non-swiveling), or at least have that option (which you should be using extensively.

Somet hat come to ming here are the Baby Jogger Summit X3, Bumbleride Indie, or the Mountain Buggy Terrain from the swivel-wheel options (you can look these up even pre-loved, in classifieds, to save on money). From the fixed-wheel option, you can check the fixed-wheel BOB three-wheelers, or maybe also the Thule Glide 2.

I know I only mentioned three-wheeled strollers, but those are often the better maneuverable ones in such terrain conditions. From the four-wheelers, I thought of the Britax Go Big2 WITH the all-terrain extra front axle that doesn't swivel, but you'd need to find this pre-owned as that is unfortunately discontinued. Hartan or Gesslein German prams with those front fixed axles could also work, but I don't know if you can get your hands on one like that either.

One more thing, about the sun protection - you can fix any hood, even that with less coverage, with a universal sun shade. I wouldn't prioritize this feature as you're already not that much to choose from.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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