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A stroller suitable for snow that is light and compact enough for a disabled person

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AriBella • 29 Jun 2022


I'm expecting my first baby. I want to buy a stroller that either also converts into a pram, or has a separate bassinet attachment. I have looked at frames with separate stroller and bassinet attachments, which look very nice and sturdy, but they also seem very large and very heavy. I am disabled, in a small home, in the countryside, with a small car (Ford Fiesta) for trips to town / nearby family, so buying something which doesn't fit into the car or which I can't possibly lift seems unwise.

However, very compact and lightweight options (6-7kg, GB Pocket, for example) seem very flimsy and the way the bassinet attaches doesn't look very secure. I will not be doing any jogging along beaches or forest paths! But we do get a lot of snow where I live - soon after baby's due date, so pram / stroller frame needs to be relatively robust for pushing on snow, but also fit easily into my car and negotiate shopping aisles without a struggle (I also use disability taxis, buses and trains, but no plans for flights in the near future).

My mother already bought a Britax car seat with a click on / off base. But Britax frame with stroller and bassinet attachments seem very huge and heavy, albeit sturdy and attractive. I have spent days looking at different options and feel utterly confused! Is there a good middle ground option between super lightweight / small and super heavy / huge?! My budget is maximum €1000.

Thank you in advance for all advice / suggestions.

Eli • 29 Jun 2022

Hiya, there!

Well, you have it difficult, as for snow, you always need a more robust frame, especially with larger wheels. However, a lightweight - smaller stroller almost never has larger wheels for snow, nor a too sturdy frame.

One of the strollers I am thinking about is perhaps the Joie Versatrax or Joie Finiti, which is not too heavy, has reasonably large wheels for the size, and a rather sturdy frame for that price/performance category. However, it does not fit a Britax car seat.

And this seems to be a problem. A Britax car seat fits very few strollers apart from Britax, and from Britax strollers and snow, I can only think of the Britax B-Motion 4 Plus as a more compact (not really compact, though) option - however, this one will not have a reversible seat. It could work with most other requirements, if, of course, you can get your hands on one, as it does support a travel system setup.

A similar option could be the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 - super flat and high quality, just not Britax compatible much.

Lastly, I will mention the Valco Baby brand which offers very lightweight strollers with Sport = inflatable wheels options, but again, not available everywhere and on the simpler side. As a compromise with larger wheels but low weight, it could work, though, even if not compatible with Britax car seats, I'm afraid. You can also think about using the car seat only in the car, and for pushing taking the bassinet/seat unit with you.

One thing that came to mind, too, was that even with a larger stroller and a small car trunk, you could always try folding the frame only in the boot, and the seat/bassinet could sit on the rear seat or in front of them) in the car. We did that with our first when owning a small city car only ^_^

And... you can also get a large, heavier stroller for around the house (even if second hand) and a new, handy light one just for car travels (Britax B-Agile M? but just for smoother rides).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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