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A stroller similar to the Oyster Zero but with a higher weight capacity

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eli & vii
Fani • 02 Oct 2022

Dear Eli!

A year ago, I had amazing advices from You, so I thought I should try again 😄

My son is 2 yrs old, 1 meter high, 20 kg. So he is a big bunch of love :) My problem is, that we fell in love with the Oyster Zero, according to your advice, I tried my best to find one since it's not available in my region (I'm from Hungary). We found a preloved one, used it for a month, and then it became faulty (no retailer, no official service here, but I took it to a service, he changed the bad parts but it still collapses, so the service told me its because my baby reached the weight limit).

Soooooooo… I would like to ask you whether you know any strollers that are exactly like the Oyster zero, but have a higher weight capacity.

What we loved about this stroller:

-long, wide, spacious seat
-usable basket
-easy to fold
-leg rest
-flat position to sleep
-big canopy
-bumper bar

Well, the whole design is cool, I mean the shape, the colors, etc. But my biggest problem is I don't find anything this comfortable for him :/ So most important thing is the seat and the weight limit :) I think we will need it for a year, so he will reach 22-23 kg i think.

(What I read about: Baby Jogger City Mini/GT/Tour, Mast M4, Lionelo Annet Plus, Easywalker, Hauck Uptown etc.).

Thank youuuu! I hope you have some ideas🤞🤞🤞

Eli • 02 Oct 2022

Hiya, Fani,

I aslo loved the Oyster Zero ^_^ So we're both in that together. It however, at least the newer models, should accept up to 20 kg, though it might be yours pre-owned one was simply broken in a way and cannot handle that weight anymore.

Anyhow, multiple options you mention in those you checked already are actually ultra-compacts = travel strollers for occasional use which I believe would be too small for a 100 cm tall kid, so I would definitely not go that way (like the Mast, the EW, the City Tour). The Annet+ is a cheaper, quite loose pushchair which is ok for an undemanding parent though you with.larger, heavier child should get something of a higher quality - and the same goes for Hauck strollers.

I personally would 100% go for the Baby Jogger City Mini GT/GT2, and yeah, I know it has its downsides - one of them being the price. However, it is, firstly, STURDY. Meaning it will hold a kid of up to 25-30 kg, which you desperately need. Also, roomy in the seat, and nice to push... aaaaand, quick and flat folding. It does not have the belly ar included, but it an be bought extra (or second-hand). The first gen doesn't have a leg positioning though it can be helped with a self-sewn-in strap or by putting something under it. And the canopy is a tad smaller than the Oyster's but the Oyster's canopy is huge, larger than most, which means most pushchairs will have it smaller. The BJ would be anyhow my first choice for a larger child.

If that is not your opinion, though, I would check the Petite&Mars brand in Hugnary. Especially the Street and Royal like of strollers are quite spacious, and although a bit heavier than the Oyster or the BJ, it is doable.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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