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Kinderkraft All Road: A stroller similar to the Kinderkraft All Road but with a higher weight maximum..?

corra • 09 Sep 2020

Hi there!

Anything similar with higher than 15 kg load limit?

Eli • 16 Aug 2021


I will start with the fact that a reversible seat stroller won't really fit a child larger than 15 kg anyway, to be honest. I would much rather suggest a world-facing only pushchair if you plan to use it with a larger child. And the same goes for the quality - the lower the stroller's price, the lower the quality, even if they would state a higher weight capacity... it would damage the wheel joints over time. Check maybe the Kinderkraft Grande LX.

I suggest looking at other brands similar to Kinderkraft - you'll find comparable brands in this article, and choose something in between, or do count on less space in the seat unit if it needs to be parent-facing as well. Do bear in mind the lower price, lower quality feat of these, you'll certainly find something for you and your child.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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