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A stroller measuring no more than 55 X 40 X 23 cm with a lie flat? Or is a partial recline enough for a 14mo?

Travelmama • 03 Apr 2022


I really need a stroller that measures no more than 55cm X 40cm X 23cm, when it’s closed/folded so that I can bring it as hand luggage on my air, travels here in Scandinavia. It seems hard to find one that small with full recline so that the baby can sleep in it. I have been considering the Cybex Libelle, but am really unsure since it doesn’t have a full recline and it also needs two hands to close and open.

Do you think the half recline is enough for a 14-month baby to take its daytime nap?

Do you have any better suggestions?

Thank you!

Eli • 03 Apr 2022

Hi, Travelmama,

Well, yes, for a 14-month-old, if it is just a nap and not regular everyday multi-hour sleeping, a partial recline is OK, in general. It all depends on your child and you/your expectations, of course, but normally, it is just fine.

There are no strollers of such folded dimensions that would fit AND that have a full recline, unfortunately, I am sorry to say. At least not that I know of and would be able to recommend with a clean conscience. So you will have to get those part-recline models which could fit, and/or take a larger stroller that won't fit the cabin-size requirement. It is usually free, and the stroller is taken from you when boarding the plane/returned to you when getting off.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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