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A stroller for tall but slim 3.5 year old that will last a while

Ema • 19 Jun 2023

Looking to buy a stroller for tall but slim 3.5 year old. It will be used for holidays and kept in car when we return as she is autistic and won't walk too far so something that will hopefully last a while but there's too much choice, we have an Ocarro just now and she seems far too tall for it. Any help or advice would be great.

Eli • 19 Jun 2023

Hey, Ema,

In your case, and a taller child that will need the stroller to last, you absolutely need a more spacious stroller, and for the stroller to be like that, it has to be non-reversible, the seat only forward-facing to be wider and taller, longer - roomier. I will suggest the Baby Jogger City Mini(2) or the City Mini GT2 here - flat folding but sturdy and spacious enough to last you.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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