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A stroller for hills, stars and tall parents that has good wheels and large basket: a comparison

Sazzy • 31 May 2022

Hi Eli,

I’m looking at a few strollers and I’m curious about the pros and cons of each: the Bugaboo Fox 3, Babystyle Egg 2, Junama Diamond, Stokke Trailz.

I live in a place with lots of hills and stairs so I need good wheels, I also need a nice amount of basket space. However I want a stroller that looks nice and I am tall so I like it high up.

Eli • 31 May 2022

Hiya, Sazzy,

You picked quite a few different models.

The Fox 3 is super light compared to the quality and versatility, but it is a bit bulkier after folding, and the seat height, although good, is not super super high, so if oyu really want something very high up, perhaps it is not the best. Still, out of your choices, I would most probably pick this one, as it offers one of the best quality-push-space-weight ratio.

About the Egg2, this is a low-to-the-ground stroller. Not that high really, it might make you regret getting it, even if it is pretty and sturdy. The suspension is also not that soft, I would get this pram for the city much more than for the hills and similar surroundings, even if the fabrics and materials quality is very high here.

The Junama Diamond is the lowest out of these, quality-wise, at least from my point of view. A Polish production that actually seems better online than in real life, it is cheaper looking in person. and even if the bassinet is very nice, the seat is much simpler and worse-made. I would most certainly invest my money into a better brand that will be easier to sell than Junama, which is actually just a sub-brand of cheap Tako strollers.

Lastly, about the Trails – this is the tallest stroller overall, and the
on the market. To me, a 176cm tall mom, it however, didn't push as easily - the worse was the getting up curbs; but this is, of course, highly subjective. If you have a possibility to try it out (loaded, not empty), do that for sure.

The finaal choice is up to you and your preferences of course. In my experience, lighter strollers will usually last you longer as they are less of a burden as the child grows, which is why I personally would probably go for the Fox 3. If robustness and high-up seat unit are your priorities, the Trailz is definitely a high-quality choice that is quite practical if it fits you. I would not go for the Egg nor the Diamond; I would rather think about the Uppababy Vista or the ABC Design Salsa Air instead, if need-be.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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