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A stroller for an autistic child - is there any that would be up to 90 kg?

Sophie Gollings • 10 Jun 2023


My 4 year old non verbal autistic child needs a stroller – he is very big for his age. I need a stroller that's going to go up to 90kg, any recommendations?

Eli • 10 Jun 2023

Hey, Sophie,

I am sorry, but I know of no stroller that would be up to 90kg. You will, I believe, need a wheelchair or a specific, tailor-made medical equipment that would be up to that weight.

About a stroller for a larger child, I can recommend looking at Baby Jogger three-wheelers which are spacious (but usually good up to 30-35 kg of the child), and also BOB three-wheeled strollers, or the Britax B-Motion Plus / Valco trend which are roomy in the seat. Again, strollers are meant for babies and toddlers, and will handle about 30, 35 kg at the maximum, even these more spacious ones.

There are special needs strollers (I don't think of up to 90 kg though), but these are different from country to country, and are ordered on recommendation from a doctor, and may need prescription not to be crazy pricey.

Be sure to talk to your doctor and providers of medical supplies if you need something with a higher weight capacity, as I am not a medical pro, unfortunately.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.