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A stroller for ailane travel and a 10 weeks old

Mark • 15 May 2023

Hi Eli,

We have a little boy born at the start of April and are going away on holiday to Greece in June (he'll be 10 weeks old then) and again end of July and are looking for a second stroller that we don't care about as much as our everyday Cybex Mios. We also plan to buy a second cheaper car seat (such as a Joie/Maxi-Cosi or maybe a Cosatto we've seen discounted).

I'm struggling to work out what stroller would be best given our boy is so little (though he is apparently quite 'long', though he's not chunky). My sister in law has a 10 month old and uses a Silver Cross Clic (not the brand new version just out) but I'm not convinced it's appropriate for such a young baby.
What options would you suggest?

Some criteria/info:
- budget of c.£300
- can be taken as cabin luggage
- want it to have weight limit of 22kg (not 15kg) so it lasts longer
- doesn't need to be adaptable for car seats (though not sure if this would be helpful, given the boy's age?)

Appreciate your advice.
Thanks! Mark

Eli • 15 May 2023

Hey Mark,

Watcj out for the weight limit, more times than not it is just a number, literally - yes, they test it for the weight but a 22kg in a travel stroller looks almost always absolutely impossible, the kids that weight are too tall and absolutely cramped in the cabin-sized strollers. The more important thing is actually a tall backrest and space tot he canopy than the limit itself.

Given the baby's age, my best suggestion would be the Ergobaby Metro< which is very nicely padded and also transforms into a carrycot-like state after taking up the leg rest and closing up the sides - really a nice option for very small babies.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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