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A stroller for a tall toddler, with a high seat back and a deep seat, which is not too bulky?

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eli & vii
Beth • 22 Sep 2023

Hi, do you have any recommendations for high back and deep seated strollers that are also relatively small folded and not too heavy? (We can’t fit umbrella folds in our car) Our little one is 17 months but exceptionally tall so fills most strollers height wise.

We have an Oyster 3 that we love but even with the hood height at the max our little one is nearly out of the headrest. We also have the graco Myavo as a small lightweight pushchair to leave in the car but we find our little one slumps right down as it doesn’t seem deep enough and when she does this she hangs her feet over the footplate so we worry eventually she’ll be putting her feet on the wheels or dragging the ground. Also not having a gated bumper bar makes it impossible to get her in when she’s refusing. Grandparents have a Joie Nitro but her head is over the back so she isn’t able to lie back or nap in it.

We just feel completely lost and ending up buying multiple strollers to find they are not suitable or going to last long. We’ve also been to many different shops but just can’t seem to find what we are looking for. Our main requirements are: high backrest, deep seat, gated bumper bar if got one, up to 22kg, relatively small fold and not too heavy.


Eli • 23 Sep 2023

Hey, Beth,

I would personally suggest going for a mid-sized stroller, that faces only forward those can be the most spacious while reasonably compact. My suggestions would be the Baby Jogger City Mini2 / Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 (the belly bar is, however, an optional accessory) - a super roomy line with a very high weight capacity as well), the Valco Trend which is exceptionally spacious and has a bumper bar, too, and the Britax B-Motion Plus if you can put your hands on one (very spacious, though a bit slanted).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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