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A stroller for a tall toddler under, with a tall backrest and under £200

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eli & vii
Alice & Ed • 10 Oct 2022


Our second child has just arrived and we’re looking for an economical stroller (about £200, ideally) to buy for our toddler who just turned 2, so the baby can have her original one. But our toddler is tall - the backrest on her current one is 53cm, which fits her. I think we probably need something 50cm +. We’ve already had to send one back. Please help!!

Eli • 10 Oct 2022

Hi guys,

I believe you have a reversible stroller, which, because of the hood being right above the backrest, needs to have a super tall one to fit her. However, with a forward-facing-only pushchair, you don't need crazy hight seat back, you just need space to the top of the canopy (otherwise, your choices will narrow considerably and will be on the more expensive side).

From the tall seatback-ed ones, I personally would go for a pre-owned Baby Jogger City Mini GT which is SUPER roomy and a great quality so no worries about it not being new. Also, the Valco Snap Trend, ABC Design Avus and the Britax B-Motion Plus are very spacious and with a tall seat back.

If you anyhow rather want to go for a cheaper, spacious alternative, try the Kinderkraft Grande LX which is definitely roomy enough.

My personal go-to would however rather be a higher quality stroller bought second-hand (as opposed to a cheaper - but also cheaper-feeling budget stroller that will not be as comfy.

P.S. Definitely don't go for travel strollers, those will simply be smaller overall, from wheels to the seat. That is why they are meant for occasional use only.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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