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A stroller for a tall 20mo, as upright as possible

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eli & vii
Charlotte • 30 Sep 2022


I'm looking for a stroller for my 20m old. He's on the highest centiles, I believe, and quite tall. He prefers to sit upright as much as possible. Thanks :)

Eli • 01 Oct 2022

Hiya, Charlotte,

YOu don't talk much about budget nor other requirements (like terrain etc.). I will, however, recommend forward-facing mid-size lightweight pushchair(s) as the best middle ground, and I will suggest checking the ABC Design Avus, the Peg-Pérego Booklet, or also the Valco Trend which is btw super roomy, so definitely worth checking.

Be sure to look at these and write if you have more requirements for me to take into account ^-^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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