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A stroller for a tall 20-month-old that grew out of our Giggle 3

Beth • 20 Apr 2022


I have a tall 20 month old. We currently have a Cosatto Giggle 3, which we love. But my little one has struggled to fit on the seat since she turned one as it has a shallow seat depth.

What strollers in your opinion have the best seat depth for tall toddlers?


Eli • 20 Apr 2022

Hi, Beth,

Well, the Giggle 3, however nice it is, is a reversible stroller model (more about those here), meaning less spacious in any kind of situation (and yes, the Giigle is even shallower than others). Your next step should, therefore, be to get a non-reversible. world-facing lightweight pushchair for your child, which is the best option for a taller toddler and a logical next stroller that most parents get as their child grows.

My suggestion would be a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, the ABC Design Avus, the Oyster Zero, or even an Uppababy Minu if you need something smaller... the [[britax-b-motion-4-plus|Britax B-Motion Plus], even if I am not the biggest fan of how it pushes, is also very very roomy.

In any case, this type of under 10 kg, not reversible pushchair will do very nicely for your son. Definitely don't go for something smaller, with a tall 20 months old you'll end up with a child cramped in the seat. And if in doubt, I'd recommend looking at the seatback height, the parents' reviews' (focusing on the roominess), and ideally, going to a store to try out a few to be sure you like the pram as well as the little one likes it (and it is not hell to push with him inside). ^_^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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