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A stroller for a 2yo and day-to-day use in the city with many cobblestones and potholes

Kit • 07 Sep 2022


We are looking for a stroller for day-to-day use in the city with many cobblestones and potholes. Baby is almost 2 and medium size.

Needed elements:
- compact (not ultracompact)
- easy to manoeuvre
- easy to fold, preferably one-hand
- extendable SPF canopy (we live in a sunny climate)
- retractable handlebar (we are tall).

We are considering the Bee 6, the Butterfly or the Hub+. Currently, we have the Fox 2 which we love and the Joolz Aer which we find perfect for travelling but the handlebar is quite low for us, and the small wheels are also not ideal for daily use. Budget is less of an issue than design and quality are.

Thank you!

Eli • 07 Sep 2022

Heya, Kit,

Well, your choices are not exactly what I would look at in your situation. I mean, you already have to Aer, so thinking about the BGB Butterfly is thinking about a VERY similar stroller. That I would remove from the shortlist, as it makes no sense, as the handle, wheels etc. are pretty much the same as with the Aer.

The Bee 6 has, again, incredibly small wheels. Also, with a 2yo, a reversible seat with no leg rest plus those small wheels make no sense to me in a city with a lot of potholes and cobblestones, I personally bump into mums in the city center struggling with their Bees as the wheels are not ok on cobblestones at all. The Joolz Hub Plus is definitely closed, as it has slightly larger wheels and a bit more chunky, too, but the reversible seat will be soon small for your two-year-old, and there are roomier while more compact models that I would look at.

Definitely think about mid-size, forward-facing-only. It will be lighter, more spacious, easier to push... My ovn choices would range between a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, Thule Spring, Oyster Zero Gravity, Valco Trend SPORT with inflatable wheels, maybe, or something like the Gesslein S4 Air. Something more substantial than an ultra-compact but still flat folding and light + roomy.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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