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A stroller for a 21mo, 12kg toddler with great maneuverability, mid-price range

Chaity • 12 Sep 2021


I am looking for a stroller for my 21 months toddler, weighing around 12 kg. I have a few and precise requirements but yet overwhelmed with so many options. Hence I would love to have your expert opinion.

FYI, I just bought the Britax Romer Agile M, and it is not a satisfactory purchase though all its features met my requirements while scouring the Internet. It was tough to maneuver, and the suspension did not work at all, in my opinion. My hands were hurting by pushing the stroller for 20 minutes.

My primary concerns are -
1. Comfortable and secured sitting position for her with adjustable leg rest. She sits straight and does not put her back in a slightly inclined backrest. I think an L or V-shaped seat would be better? And if she feels asleep, she is not comfortable lying entirely in a flat position in a stroller.
2. Excellent maneuverability (pushing with one hand) and suspension for curbs and cobblestones. I live in Berlin, Germany. So it is a must. I owned another stroller with Eva foam wheels (Gesslein Smiloo), and it was quite easy to push but not so good on cobblestones and a little bit jerky.
3. The built quality should be good and sturdy but not too heavy since we live on the 4th floor. It would be great if the clothing material is of good quality too.
4. Easy and one-hand folding system.

What we don't want is a travel system and a heavyweight frame system stroller like Bugaboo. We want just a buggy within the mid-price range (200-300 euro), comfortable sitting positioning, good quality materials with great suspension and maneuverability, and minimal features. Large basket, front, and rear-facing are not a necessity. A relaxing journey (basically walking) for both the child and parents is required.

Thanks for your time.

Eli • 12 Sep 2021

Hello, Chaity,

And thank you for the review of the Britax B-Agile M. It will certainly help other parents as well. If finding a minute to leave a review for the Gesslein Smiloo you're mentioning as well, many parents would be, I believe, very glad to find it. Thank you again 🙏

I will now pass on your problem and talk you through what I would do in your shoes. About the Gesslein Smiloo that you're talking about, the Smiloo is actually their lower-range line that consists of cheaper buggies with worse quality characteristics. My first thought here was actually also a Gesslein stroller, but a higher-quality one that maneuvers beautifully - the Gesslein S4 Air. A mid-size, lighter pushchair with excellent suspension on larger but still EVA foam wheels, I think it could be worth thinking about.

Next in line, another German brand comes to mind - the TFK Dot 2. A buggy, more like, but a quality one and with chunky wheels that perform well enough for such a stroller.

If lightweight is a priority, I was very positively surprised, owning an [babystyle-oyster-zero|Oyster Zero from Babystyle]]. A very light pushchair with a very wide seat (so spacious), and with a very nice suspension to add to it (for such a light stroller, that is). It will never be as all-terrain and super-quiet on cobblestoned, of course, but no light stroller will be.

Lastly, I'll point out the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 or the Thule Spring which are MUCH more all-terrain, with nice shock-absorbers, and roomy seats. As quality models and three-wheel, swivel-wheel pushchairs, they are more expensive than what you say [[article:musanuriko|you want to pay for your stroller). Still, pre-owned ones from classifieds could do the trick, and with these, I believe you'd be the happiest - so I had to mention those.

To finish this off, I'll talk a bit about stroller suspension - I mean, if your pram won't be that large, bulky one, you should never expect the suspension to be as strong (with your lightweight stroller) as to be absolutely comfy on cobblestones, gravel, and such terrains - it's impossible. Having said that, the larger wheels and the better quality stroller you'll own, the better that kind of performance will be.

I hope I provided enough inspiration, and wish you good luck making the best choice for you and your family! Stay safe ❤️__

Your -very berry- Eli.

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