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A stroller for a 2.5yo, good for all-terrain, with a nice canopy & basket, and with a full lie-flat

Aleksandra • 04 Jul 2023

Hi Eli, I'm looking for a stroller for my 2.5 years old - she's not super tall (about 90 cm, 14 kg), but the seat of the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller that we currently use, seems to be too short already. I'm looking for a similar type of stroller, sturdy, which could do well on forest paths, in the mountains, with a full recline, good and spacious sun canopy and basket, swiveling wheels, well padded belts - just for a taller and heavier child.

It would be great, if it had an option of fully upright position and if it can be operated with one hand. It doesn't need to be travel friendly one - we have the Hauck Saturn R, which is good for travel and which I hate for the wheels and fabrics ;)

I've been looking at TFK strollers - would you recommend any model more than the others or any other brand/model? I'm not providing the budget, as I'm planning to buy a preloved one anyway :)

Thank you in advance.

Eli • 04 Jul 2023

Hey, Aleksandra,

If you need something super sturdy and also spacious, TFK is actually a VERY good brand. They are quite heavy, and rather expensive, but a pre-ownes moel is a great idea. Pretty much any of their Joggster line will do, of course the newer designs are sleeker, but durability-wise they're all awesome. The older ones, however, have a shorter canopy, so wither watch out for that, or get an extra universal sun-shade. Be sure to look at only the forward-facing ones as they will be much more spacious.

A second-hand Gesslein or Hartan, ideally a three-wheeler with a fixed seat, is also a solid, quality choice that I think you'll be happy with. And the Thule Urban Glide is a lighter and comfy option too - not very upright, though.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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