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A stroller for a 1yo and 3yo while traveling around Europe

Liz • 19 Aug 2022

Hi Eli,

I’m looking for a stroller to take travelling around Europe for six months with a three and one year old. Looking for something that’s compact and easy to fold/travel with and also handles terrain such as streets.

Ideally, I’d like good sun canopies as it will be summer. Both children are small-average for their ages. Thank you

Eli • 20 Aug 2022

Hey, Liz,

And are you looking for a double stroller? If so, I personally would probably go for a Valco Snap Duo which is roomy enough for both of them, and reasonably flat when folded.

If you're thinking more in terms of a single pram that could take both kids - alternating, or with a sibling board, I would go with something like Uppababy Minu if really small is your end game (though do count on it not being to all-terrain), or the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 if something rather durable is your thing (in the GT2, probably both could fit at the same time occasionally). I personally would probably go with that one in terms of space, push and quality.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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