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A stroller for a 15kg 3-year-old and bumpy sidewalks

Mamoru • 15 Apr 2022

Would you recommend us a stroller for an (almost) 3yo around 15kg? We are in Portugal and the sidewalks here a bit "stone-ish" so we wanted a stroller that could walk nicely on it.

We took a look at a Joolz Aer and liked it but we are not sure if it is the best option at that price point.

Eli • 15 Apr 2022

Hi, Mamoru,

if you need an everyday stroller for a 3 years old and bumpy, stoney pavements, you definitely shouldn't go for an ultracompact stroller (more here) like the Joolz Aer is. You need larger wheels than an ultracompact's, and more space in the seat.

Therefore, I would definitely recommend something mid-sized, lightweight, like a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, Thule Spring, Joie Litetrax Air, perhaps a smaller TFK Dot2... or maybe a Valco Snap Sport (the one with inflatable wheels). These would be my choices for the situation you're describing.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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