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A stroller for a 100lbs handicapped child

Jea • 07 Oct 2021

Hi was wondering if you know of any strollers for handicapped young ladies that will hold 100 lbs. She has a "eio" now and we've had it for several years but it was given to us and it is very worn out. Insurance won't pay - only for wheelchair, and it weighs 100 pounds itself and I can't lift it to put in our SUV. Any info would greatly be appreciated.

Eli • 08 Oct 2021

Hello, Jea,

There are multiple special-needs strollers for sure, even if not widely available everywhere. Usually, the doctor or the insurance company recommends the model that is at least partly covered, or any that they have good experiences with.

This is not your case, so I will those few options that could be available to you, hopefully. First is the Maclaren Major Elite which, as a rather simple but sturdy umbrella buggy, should be ok for at least her sitting inside (not really for napping).

Next in line, I would maybe try out a (pre-owned) Baby Jogger Summit X3 or a Baby Jogger City Elite as these are very spacious and might, at least for a time, fit your daughter even if she's over the official weight limit.

Also, do check the Tadpole adaptive strollers (if they are available to you where you live). Also, check this article with top 5 special needs pushchairs, I believe there are quite a few ideas.

Strollberry never specialized in special needs strollers as I have no experience with those, but I would gladly help you out even more if you need any clarification. In any case, I think it will all come down to your budget and the availability of the models around you. You should definitely try the stroller out with your daughter as she should be comfy inside, but yes, the better the special needs stroller, the more it's going to cost. If the stroller's price is an issue, I would definitely check classifieds and get a better pre-loved model.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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