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A stroller for 4 years old, countryside terrain and rain

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eli & vii
Jane • 22 Aug 2022

Hello, how are you? I am looking for a stroller for 4 years old boy. We are living in the countryside, and there is a lot of rain here. So I am looking for a strong, wide, and long stroller with a rain cover and footmuff for my kid. Thank you for your advice ahead.

Eli • 22 Aug 2022

Hi, Jane,

For countryside, harsh terrain, mud and most importantly a lot of space, I would definitely invest in a Baby Jogger City Elite 2 or a Baby Jogger Summit X3. You'll have enough room in there while you'll also be able to go through almost anything. A rain cover and a leg cover/apron will, however, have to be purchased separately (cheaper universal ones are also a possibility). Even pre-owned, believe me, the quality will be worth it.

Another option could be a Britax B-Motion 3 Plus.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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