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A stroller as good as the City Mini GT2 but cheaper, all terrain for everyday use

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Debbie • 23 Nov 2022


I live in Denmark and I am trying to get a stroller but I am super confused. I want to get a sturdy stroller but also not pricey. I love the details for the Baby Jogger GT Mini2 but it’s pricey and then I saw the Beemoo stroller which is cheaper but I don’t know which Beemoo to get. I have tried to find like a guide for them but I can’t find any. I would like one a less expensive stroller that functions just like the Baby Jogger Gt Mini 2 or even better. It doesn’t have to be these 2 brands I have mentioned.

For context, I am looking for an everyday stroller (we don’t have a car) that can be used around the city, easy to get on the bus, good for 6 months old and beyond, light weight, comfortable, great tyres that are suitable for any terrain (including snow) and easy to maneuver and one hand fold system and obviously the other good to have for strollers 😅 (I hope I am not starting to sound unrealistic).

I hope I have covered it all. Different stroller options would be great.

Eli • 23 Nov 2022

Hiya, Debbie,

Well, the truth is, if you want a stroller that is compact while as capable as the City Mini GT2, you actually cannot go lower with price. It is so good because it is designed well and made of quality materials, and the moment you start saving money on the stroller, you will feel it - worse suspension, rattly, plastic wheels, cheap plastics - squeaky, looser stroller, much less all terrain... It is very similar to any other product ,and strolers are even more complicated - many parts and materials and moving parts means, you need to pay for the quality to get it.

My best advice would be getting it pre-owned, second hand. Really, those better brands can stand it, can be used for multiple kids, while the cheap ones are much harder to sell after use as they are kind of beaten down, looser, and nobody actually wants those pre-loved. So I personally would look for a Baby Jogger, or an older Concodr Fusion in classifieds and get a better stroller for less money like that.

If that is not a choice for you, definitely don't go for a Beemoo, at least I would not - I would rather get something a bit more substantial. Maybe the Hauck Runner or POut N About Nipper Single, even though, again, you will really feel the price - still, for snow, you need larger wheels at least. Also check the Joie Mytrax, and the Valco Snap Sport with the inflatable wheels.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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