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A stroler for a 102cm 3yo daughter for everyday 4h use

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Jen • 22 Nov 2022


I'm from the UK and I’m really struggling to find the right stroller for my daughter she is only 3 she is 102 cm tall, and she weighs 21kg. I need a stroller that is compact, and it’s for use of around 4hrs every few days.

Could you recommend one?

Eli • 23 Nov 2022

Hi, Jen,

For a larger toddler, you will have to do with enough space in the seat, especially the backrest Definitely check the Baby Jogger City Mini2 (or the GT line) as those fold flat while the space is enough even for a toddler. An Oyster Zero or a Valco Trend are also spacious enough.

From the really small ones (I personally would not go for a really small, travel type of a stroller) check the Joolz Aer or the Bugaboo Butterfly as those have a nice seatback which is rare for that type of stroller]].

Your -very berry- Eli.

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