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A square-folding lightweight, compact stroller under $500 that will last

Arcaniberry • 03 Aug 2021

First, I just want to say, "THANK YOU!" Your website has been extremely helpful in narrowing down my overwhelming list of strollers (and those are just the ones I found as suggestions immediately from reviews, best-of lists, and Amazon for us here in the USA). I am jealous of even more options available in Europe! I definitely appreciated the measurement information as most places don't list things like the size of the seat. Listing things as discontinued was also SO SO SO helpful! I have found multiple 2021 favorite lists that contain strollers that I couldn't find anywhere. I thought I was going to lose my mind, but then I found your site that listed them as discontinued, and it all made sense (minus the part where people list discontinued strollers in lists updated a week ago...)!

Second, my question is, can you help me pick a lightweight stroller? I am still looking to narrow down the last few strollers on my list, but am open to suggestions I may not have seen.

We are wanting a second stroller to use for shopping trips (about once a week) and travel (still all paved areas like Disney or city streets). So the highest priority is something that is easy to maneuver, fold, and get in and out of a car. I am 5'9" and my husband is 6', so I imagine our son will grow to be tall quickly, and I am hoping to have a stroller that will last as long as possible (survive for a second child, hopefully). We currently live in North Dakota, so we get lots of cold snowy days and warmer, but not super hot days.

We would prefer a compact/square fold over an umbrella fold. Under $500 is what we have set as our budget if we find the best-of-the-best-must-have stroller for that much.

Bonus points (but by no means requirements) for being able to upgrade to a double or usable with a newborn for the future.

The current list (but again, open to suggestions!):
-Inglesina Quid
-Peg Perego Selfie
-Joolz Aer
-Zoe XL1 Best V2
-Zoe XLC Best V2

If it's helpful at all, our main stroller that we use for going on walks around our neighborhood is the Peg Perego YPSI travel system and I love it!

Thank you in advance for any help in narrowing it down, suggestions, advice, extra info, etc.

P.S. Love the name! My character names in games tend to end with Berry. :)

Eli • 03 Aug 2021

Hi, Arcaniberri 😊

Thank you so much for such praise, we're trying hard but there's still so much to do (and so little time) ☺️ In any case, we're trying to help, being lost parents once ourselves, so this makes us so motivated, so glad we're helping. Thank you again 😊

To your question, I'll start with agreeing that an umbrella stroller - and an umbrella fold - are actually outdated in my eyes, on the link included, you'll also see my reasoning (I do think you'll agree, based on your preference of flat - square folding compact strollers. So YES, please, an ultracompact stroller rather than an umbrella pushchair for sure.

Here I put together the best ultra-compact strollers right now, so for inspiration, check it for sure to at least know what interesting is out there. An older best-of ultracompacts of 2020 might also serve as an inspiration.

Moving on, I will most certainly pick out the Uppababy Minu since you live in the US - this is SUCH a well-made, sturdy lightweight compact stroller I would most certainly think about that one if needing something that will last. Next in line, the Joolz Aer you mentioned is a very quality choice with a tall seatback (just doesn't lay flat but it's enough for a toddler in my opinion - even though it's a bit expensive. The accessories to it are very practical - but make the price even higher. I highly recommend the leg rest to be bought for sure. And from the more budget-friendly option, I kind of like the Chicco Goody (Plus) lately because of a sturdy chassis with larger wheels (just a tad bit, though), and it does fold by itself, which is a great help at times. The backrest is just average here, however.

I was not looking at tandem possibilities here because that would narrow the choice very much, and I don't think the Phil&Teds Go is too simple to last what you're describing.

P.S. Please do leave an Ypsi review is you owned it, you'll certainly help other parents to choose well!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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